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Ibiza: Leo DiCaprio Tries the Newest ‘Flyboarding’ Trend in Ibiza

Posted on August, 09 2013

On Wednesday, Leo and his buddies were spotted strapping on the jetpack shoes that allow users to hover over the water Jetsons-style. The crew spent the afternoon propelling themselves up into the air and diving back into the water, just a few feet from Doronin’s yacht.

We’re sure money isn’t a problem for Doronin and DiCaprio, but the rest of might have to wait awhile before taking a spin on a Flyboard of our own. The device costs $ 6,000 to buy, or $ 500 for an hour rental.

[Photo: Daily Mail]

Via Jaunted – The Pop Culture Travel Guide

Book ‘Em: Reservations Open for NYC’s Summer Restaurant Week

Posted on July, 08 2013

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Go and get ’em! Reservation booking has just opened up here for the semiannual NYC Restaurant Week, aka one of our favorite (and super highly recommended) city food events.

Get over to OpenTable quickly to snap up the best and newest tables, lest you get stuck dining at some Theater District steakhouse that survives on tourists being loose with their money and not too particular about what’s on their plate.

NYC’s Summer Restaurant Week 2013 runs from July 22 to August 16.

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Hiring a Tour Guide: Is it Worth it?

Posted on May, 19 2013

My husband, Bill, and I had never hired a private tour guide before our recent trip to Italy. In the past, we read our guidebooks, consulted the internet, and reviewed EuropeUpClose.com to see what our writers had to say. We then did our own thing. We have also been part of  large group tours, but this experience showed us the value of a knowledgeable, private tour guide to help us sort through the must-sees and the it-would-be-nice to see. It saved us valuable time and as you know,when on vacation, every minute counts.

Rome from the Vatican

Rome from the Vatican

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Annual Vegas visitors survey says fewer are gambling

Posted on April, 25 2013

Those who traveled to Las Vegas last year were less likely to gamble, but more likely to spend money on shopping and lodging.

That’s according to the recently released 2012 Las Vegas Visitor Profile Study. The study, done for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, was based on interviews with about 3,600 out-of-towners aged 21 and older at sites around the city.

Respondents stayed an average of four days, the same as in 2011, and said they spent an average of $ 93.13 per night on lodging, up from $ 84.04 in 2011, but down from $ 101 …

Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard

Posted on March, 03 2013

Martha’s VineyardMy mom and I went to Martha’s Vineyard this summer. I have never been and have heard great things about this destination, and after visiting, I fell in love and realized what everyone else saw in this place. We stayed in Edgartown and would not have wanted anything more. After spending about five days, I want to share the fun things that I have done and that there is to do in Martha’s Vineyard.

1.    Lodging

•    There are great lodging options in Edgartown. The Bed & Breakfasts are so adorable and very clean. We stayed at the Harbor View Hotel & Resort. The great part about this hotel is that it used to be a house, so the rooms are all from a mansion. The experience here is amazing. If you do not want to spend all the money to stay in the main rooms, there are hotel rooms that were built later after the house and are just as nice. The great part of this hotel is that it is right near the water and within walking distance of the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is something that you should definitely see. It is not a long walk and is well worth it.

2.    Bike to the Beach

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New York City’s Broadway Week: 2 for 1 Tickets

Posted on February, 08 2013

Broadway Week Logo
Have you been wanting to don tails and catch the latest on the theatre curcuit? Here’s your chance to hit up Broadway without diminishing your savings for fancy duds. Starting January 22, and running through February 2, New York City is holding Broadway Week, or to those who like to talk money, 2 for 1 week. Buy two tickets for the price of one—perfect for a NYC date night. Click here for participating shows and booking information, and hurry, they’re going fast!  

Away.com’s New York City Travel Guide

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The Best Ways to Stay Safe When Traveling Abroad

Posted on December, 08 2012

Stay Safe When Traveling AbroadYou don’t have to miss out on fun and an authentic experience to play it safe abroad. After living in three countries outside the U.S. and traveling in more than a dozen more, I’ve seen my fair share of tourist faux pas. I’ve also seen tourists miss out on great opportunities by playing it a little too safe. Striking a balance between safe and adventurous takes a little know-how to master.

There are some basic guidelines that should be followed whether traveling domestically or abroad. Just like mismatched socks or contractor estimating software, regions have differences and it’s our job to adapt. A little research and common sense goes a long way.

Indulge in Drink Carefully

Never get drunk alone or with people you’ve met on vacation. Inhibitions go out the window and you’re prone to doing things you otherwise wouldn’t. If you’re in a tourist-rich area, there may be people seeking out vulnerable travelers.
If you really want to kick back, there are often guided tours that involve drinking. You’ll be safe with a local guide and dropped back directly at your hotel. This is the only way you should indulge. It’s also an avenue for meeting other people who are like-minded.

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Cruise Ship- Secret Saving Tips

Posted on November, 18 2012

www.cruisesecretsexposed.com Video shows 5 great saving and planning tips from an Ex-Cruise Officer. These tips will help you save and plan for your next cruise vacation. Tips are good for any type cruise so stop throwing your money away.

Taiwan Travel Tips!

Posted on November, 01 2012

About to make your first trip to Taiwan? Lianne tells you a few useful tips, such as how to avoid mosquito attacks, where to withdraw money, how to find your destinations more easily, and what to carry with you at all times. Don’t forget to check out my other videos, including Mandarin tutorials and fun videos from Taiwan! Download your Chinese/Taiwanese food cheat sheet here! heylianne.com Basic Mandarin for Travel www.youtube.com Understanding Chinese numbers and prices www.youtube.com Official blog: plus.google.com Add me on Facebook: facebook.com

What to do When a Dream Holiday Becomes a Nightmare

Posted on September, 15 2012

Holiday NightmareCases arise every year where a family takes an expensive holiday to a foreign land, only to be appalled at how this trip actually progresses. Anyone who spends a great deal of money on a holiday should get what he or she expects, but this is not always the case. Anything from inadequate hotel rooms to inedible food can ruin a holiday very quickly and leave these people looking for holiday compensation. Luckily, there are a few things that travellers can do to fix this situation.

Document Everything

This does not mean simply writing everything down, as travellers should take pictures of everything that is ruining the trip. In order to receive holiday compensation, these travellers must provide proof that things were as horrible as they say. If possible, take video of the offences as well, especially if the negatives include things like noise or rude staff. The more documentation that travellers have, the more likely they are to receive compensation.

Complain to the Staff

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