France Travel Video Guide

Posted on April, 20 2015

Travel video about destination France. France is a country with a long and dramatic history. A country of unique flair and picturesque old towns, fortresses and castles and also a country of…

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Beim Krahwirt Hotel – Deggendorf – Germany

Posted on April, 19 2015

Info & Cheap Booking! : http://www.hotelz.tv/info/germany/deggendorf/XkLQRWvWvQR/beim-krahwirt.html ▻Best Hotels in Deggendorf : http://www.hotelz.tv/search/Germany/deggendorf/1.html…

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India Travel Video Guide

Posted on April, 18 2015

Travel video about destination India. India is a subcontinent with a long history, a land of legend, fantasy and reality.A country that extends from the Himalayas in the north to the semi-desert…

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15 tips for planning your summer vacation

Posted on April, 18 2015

Here’s important vacation preparation information from “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead” by Max Brooks: “If you believe you can accomplish everything by ‘cramming’ at the 11th hour, by all means, don’t lift a finger now. But you may think twice about beginning to build your ark once it has already started raining.” In other words, it’s time to start planning your summer vacation. Here are 15 things you need to know as you look ahead to taking time off — and you are taking time off. Read on.

You need a vacation. If you work full time, you’re averaging 42 1/2 hours a week in the hot box. Almost 7% of you work 60 hours a week or more. Those are the 2014 stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So why not put on the brakes for a week or more? After all, more than three-quarters of full-time workers are compensated with paid vacation time, according to the bureau. Even your company wants you to take time off not because it worries about you but because unused vacation creates a financial liability — about $ 224 billion that shows up on the books, says the Project: Time Off report “The Hidden Costs of Unused Leave,” an initiative of the U.S. Travel Assn. “Harrumph,” you say. “That’s the company’s problem.” But it’s also your problem because the same study says you’re giving back an average of 3.2 days of vacation. It’s one thing not to want to give your company a break; it’s quite another not to give yourself one.

If you usually spend vacations with friends or family, insist they move to Europe so you can save more money. Summer will be hot, hot, hot (economically speaking) for Americans visiting the Continent, partly because the U.S. economy is strong. The website TradingEconomics.com says disposable income in the U.S. reached an all-time high in February, partly because the dollar is beating up the euro. For every $ 10 exchanged, you get 9.31 euros, according to a recent exchange rate. A year ago, you got 7.24 euros. That means a hotel room that cost you 150 euros in 2014 — $ 207 U.S. — will cost you $ 161 a night this year if rates remain the same. Stay 10 nights and you have an extra $ 460 in your pocket.

There’s a chance your airfare to Europe won’t be quite as expensive. Two positive signs: Fuel prices are moderating, said Warren Chang, vice president and general manager for airfare search aggregator Fly.com, and competition is having an effect. Although fuel isn’t the only determinant in setting airfares — competition and demand play huge roles — Chang thinks airlines are offering a bit of relief to consumers. A bigger plus for L.A. fliers: Norwegian Air. The low-cost European carrier is making other airlines squirm a bit, he said, by offering prices as low as $ 711 for a round trip from LAX to London or Oslo, a recent search showed. (These fares were for May 6-13 and may no longer be available.) Last year at this time, the lowest fare to London in the Travel section’s April 6 airfare chart was $ 811 — significant because Norwegian didn’t make its debut in L.A. until May.

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Vacation Rental Owner Tips: Rent Beach Villas, Mountain Chalets, Lake Houses or Condos

Posted on April, 17 2015

Vacation Rental Owner Tips http://www.VillaPromo.com/ We help you find qualified vacation property renters. If you own a vacation property on a lake, in the country, in a mountain resort or…

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Bangkok Attractions: The City of Angels

Posted on April, 16 2015

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the most visited cities in the world and in the local Thai language is also known as Krung Thep, which means the City of Angels.

Bangkok is the capital and the most populated city in Thailand with more than 8 million residents in the city itself and over 14.5 million in its metropolitan area. Bangkok is also one of the world’s top tourist destination cities with almost 16 million tourists visiting it each year.

Bangkok become one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Asia and in the local Thai language is also known as Krung Thep, which literally means – The city of Angels. There are many interesting tourist spot you must visit. At there we can see the unique traditional culture in the space of international standard. Bangkok is a world-class shopping Paradise, Paradise Fun & Entertainment, Travel Paradise Natural Beauty, and Paradise Foods.

Brief History:

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Cheap Travel

Posted on April, 15 2015

A fantastic trading system highly recommended by me: http://www.bionictraders.com Going on a Cheap Travel? This video will be of great help when you want to …

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CheapAir selling direct U.S.-Cuba flights online

Posted on April, 15 2015
 CheapAir selling direct U.S. Cuba flights online

U.S. travelers will be able to purchase online tickets for direct flights from New York, Miami and Tampa, Fla., to Cuba starting Wednesday on CheapAir, the first online travel retailer to offer such bookings.

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Travel India on $10 a day! Budget travel tips and tricks

Posted on April, 14 2015

In this video I document my expenses during one day in India, and show that you can travel there incredibly cheap! Feel like something fun, adventurous and inspiring to read? “Following My…

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HotelsByDay books rooms available in the daylight hours

Posted on April, 13 2015

Did someone say “day date”? With this app you can grab a hotel stay during the middle of the day for lower rates.

Name: HotelsByDay

Available: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 7 or later. Also available for Android on Google Play.

Cost: Free

What it does: The app reveals a variety of options for the traveler when it comes to hotel stays. Discover hotels that will let you book a room for the day (10 a.m.-4 p.m.) instead of overnight. Available in 11 cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York City, Newark, N.J., Philadelphia,, Atlanta, Chicago, Palm Springs, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. .

What’s hot: I love the opportunities this opens up: day dates for busy parents, pool and spa access for afternoon meet-ups, a work space for business people or a place to rest before or after a long flight or during a layover, just to name a few. Travelers can search for rooms for “Today,” “Tomorrow” or by picking a date on a calendar. I found the Serrano Hotel in San Francisco available on a Sunday in May for $ 68 (plus taxes and fees that brought it to $ 89); it was $ 193 with taxes on the hotel’s website. When I searched New York City, I had several options between $ 65 and $ 299 (pre-tax).

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